Health & Safety

The Community Campus’ Comprehensive COVID-19 Plan

As Governor Phil Scott has said throughout this pandemic, we have planned for the worst while hoping for the best. It was our hope that we will be able to implement our best-case-scenario plan—have us all safely back together and in person—and unfortunately, it is unlikely we will be able to do that right away.

As we continue to receive additional guidance from the Governor’s office, the Department of
Health, and the CDC, we will update and adapt our plans accordingly. Our #1 priority is the
health and safety of our enrolled children and staff and that will be the guiding principle as we
determine the best plan. The one thing we are certain of is when we attend at TCC in person,
everyone in building must:

❖ Wear a Face Mask
❖ Practice Effective Hand Hygiene
❖ Respect Spatial Distancing Guidelines
❖ Stay Home If You Are Ill