Schedule Options

We have three program options presented below, but we understand that families have unique scheduling needs. All days can be mixed and matched.  Choose just two days 8 – 3pm.  Or after school all days from WES.  Schedules can be flexible!

For Students in Grades 3-6

Option #1:

Days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday
Hours: 8am – 3pm

Option #2:

Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday
Hours: 8am – 3pm

After School

After School care is available from 3pm – 5pm.

For Students in Grades K-2

Full-day option: Wednesday only
Hours: 8am – 3pm

After school care is available from 3pm- 5pm. 

Learn more about a typical day at TCC, the Mt. Tom campus, and the student experience from director Tesha Buss and program co-creator Kate Kardashian.

Watch their Welcome Video


$50 per day for the 8am – 3pm program option
$20 per day for after school care

Have questions about tuition or a unique scheduling situation? Learn more about tuition assistance options or please reach out to director Tesha Buss by email ([email protected]) or by phone (802.245.4746) with any questions.

Notes on Our Opening

The model for The Community Campus is a continuous work in progress and was created soon after the messaging of remote learning days being the necessary choice for public school during the pandemic.

In an effort to provide widespread equitable options, we created this model but the complication is that caring for children on a larger scale requires regulations and licensing. Licensing a center is a complicated process.We are working to provide all documents to the State as fast as they can be created and hiring staff.  Being a licensed center allows The Community Campus to qualify for subsidy so that low income families can attend. It also allows us access to Care Act monies as we continue through the pandemic.   We are making every effort to coincide our care options start date with the beginning of the school year.  We may not be able to meet this date perfectly, but we will be updating our website regularly to ensure full transparency of where we are in the process.