Welcome to The Community Campus!

Located in Woodstock, Vermont, The Community Campus offers creative and interactive enrichment programs year round!

Students need the support in the form of peers who can help push and excite their learning!

Parents need the assurance that their children are at a Program that is safe, motivating, and enriching.

Teachers need students who are ready and excited so they can access strong learning moments and have FUN!

The Student Experience

The Community Campus is located on the Second Floor of the Rainbow Playschool building just steps from the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont.

The Community Campus provides a variety of programs from their After School and Break Day programs but also providing weekend Events for the community to take part in.

Upon arriving at TCC, the students are greeted by their teacher. The students attendance is tracked in the ProCare Program which allows parents to know where they are located and when they are signed in and out.

TCC also provides monthly events of four hours of supervised fun! Parents can utilize these events to go on a date night, get errands done or simply need use as an outlet for their children to socialize with their friends.

TCC’s mission is to provide programs that are exciting, refreshing, engaging and safe! The focus is on helping children navigate their personal growth through structured activities but also providing time for imaginative play!



Please feel encouraged to reach out to our team with any questions including enrollment options for any of our programs!