Our Vision


The Community Campus (TCC) creates safe independent school environments across our school district. In these environments, students can have structured days where their foundational social-emotional needs are addressed through both a connection to the outdoors and placed-based education and a connection to their local school teachers and their community. The Community Campus believes that students learn best in communities where predictable and consistent routines are in place and barriers to learning remotely are addressed and removed.


Connection is about belonging.

There will be predictable, consistent, and structured time for students to connect with their peers and counselors through constructive and imaginative play.

Independence is about decision-making.
Throughout their day, they will have opportunities to problem solve during games, free play or learning conversations with their counselors. 

Generosity is about making positive contributions, helping others, and feeling of value.
They are never alone in their learning path. Place based learning helps the students have a greater sense of community engagement. The Community Campus works in coordination with Woodstock Elementary with transport and learning opportunities. 

Intentional learning, personal goals.
Everyday students have opportunities for individual and group learning through their structured activities. TCC also encourages Parents to communicate goals they work on at home with their kids to enable TCC to assist with consistent progress. 

Within this campus, there will be consideration and a welcoming of students across the spectrum of family needs in the community. This includes students of essential workers, WCSU students particularly poised to benefit from the programs, and families seeking to supplement their children’s learning experience.